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Only Events has set the standard for a professional and flawless conference...
Christine Fenby, Marketing Director, Vista

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Why Only Events?

Every two years Vista Entertainment Solutions – a global leader in entertainment software solutions – hosts a three-day Customer Conference that attracts attendees from all corners of the globe. Its requirements are simple: an outstanding event delivered professionally and efficiently that provides attendees with an experience that they’ll remember and talk about for years to come.

Meeting the challenge

Only Events has organised every Vista Customer Conference since 2007. With a goal of making every conference better than the last, we invest a year in the planning and constantly seek new opportunities to enrich and improve the event. Our role includes organising accommodation, managing the conference itself (including five simultaneous break-out sessions), providing a full-time concierge service before, during and after the conference, and co-ordinating entertainment and social functions for delegates and partners.

Delivering the results

Only Events has set the standard for a professional and flawless conference. Their indispensable support, skills and experience provide us with confidence and reassurance that everything is under control every step of the way. We have now used Only Events for six conferences spanning 12 years. Christine Fenby, Marketing Director, Vista Group


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